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Suprême NTM Medley - Piano cover

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Red carpet for the rap band NTM at the Cannes Film Festival! On the occasion of the release of the biopic "Suprêmes", which tells the story of the beginnings of NTM and hip-hop in France, I wrote an arrangement for piano.

New exercise to me, it is a medley / mash-up of the following tunes on the piano:

  • That's my People

  • Laisse pas trainer ton fils

  • Seine Saint-Denis Style

  • Affirmative Action (Seine Saint-Denis Style Remix) feat. Nas

  • Ma Benz

  • La Fièvre

Here are 2 extracts from my NTM piano cover:

" What saved us was art, dance, graffiti, (...). It made us understand that the world does not stop at the opposite sidewalk. That the ego does not rule everything ". Joey Starr, Suprême NTM

Listen to the NTM Medley sheet music on my Youtube channel:

Download freely the NTM Medley sheet music here from my website.

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